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Are you looking for a reliable Petroleum Equipments manufacturer? You’ve come to the right place. Dongying Better Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd is an experienced Petroleum Equipments manufacturer in China. Since the very beginning, we have been focused on offering a one-stop solution of high Petroleum Equipments for our main customers. We provide standard or custom-designed Petroleum Equipments and solutions for various applications.

We are a professional Petroleum Equipments company at the foundry casting. We have over 28 years of experience with a variety of Petroleum Equipments etc. To make a better world, we have studied how to make waste turn into a reusable and valuable element. Also, we are able to plan whole plant equipment for our customer.

We have set out with a big ambition to ensure customer satisfaction by creating a digital transformation plan that will continue to build a platform for sustainable, profitable growth in the long term. We are committed to ensuring an efficient system that solves supply chain issues and provides value to our customers, partners, and businesses.

Our mission is to inspire and empower a smarter future that provides growth opportunities for all stakeholders.

Rig Accessories
Drill String
Oil Wellcontrol Equipments
Handing Tools
stainless steel casting
Solid Control Equipment
Downhole Tools
Wellhead Equipments

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Why Top 500 Choose Better Petro as Their Petro Supplier?


Over 3000 Petroleum projects, we thrive on providing high-quality Petroleum Equipments.


Better Petro is a famous Petroleum Equipments brand with a good reputation in China’s domestic market since 2006


We have a strong and united engineering team with rich work experience in Petroleum Equipments manufacturing filed


Petroleum Equipments have manufactured and imported from Better Petro over 100 countries worldwide

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    CEO Note

    “Customer satisfaction, high quality petroleum equipments and convenient service are our company’s missions. With our dynamic and experienced team, we believe our service is able to assist your business to grow up continuously together with us.

    Our mission is to inspire and empower a smarter future that provides growth opportunities for all stakeholders.”

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